USS Harrier (AM-366)

USS Harrier (AM-366) was an Admirable-class minesweeper built for the United States Navy. Laid down on 11 August 1943 by the Willamette Iron and Steel Works, Portland, Oregon, launched 7 June 1944, commissioned as USS Harrier (AM-366), 31 October 1945.

After shakedown and exercises along the Oregon coast, Harrier put into San Diego, California, 5 January 1946.

She decommissioned, 28 March 1946 at San Diego, California. Struck from the Naval Register, 1 December 1959. Transferred to the Maritime Commission, sold in 1964 and renamed Sea Scope.

This ship was reclassified for oceanographic research and was equipped with a variety of underwater tools including sonar, photographic equipment, magnetic and seabed exploration equipment. It is reported to have been used, circa 1970, to reconnoiter the site of the Soviet K-129 sub prior to the CIA project Azorian/Glomar Explorer to recover part of that sub in 1974.

Renamed Atlantic Coast in 1998.

This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.